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Our Team

Our Team

LICORES MADURO success is back-up by a great team that is knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated.  Pride in the workplace, as well as, pride in the products represented, is a cornerstone of the company’s overall success.


LICORES MADURO Management Team consists of professionals who have been in the liquor and wine industry for years.  Their knowledge and expertise have be guiding lights in their respective divisions in the day to day operations, marketing and sales objectives and overall company functions.  In support of these activities Financial and Operations management assure that the company’s guide lines and mission objectives are met.

Sales & Marketing

LICORES MADURO Sales Team is focused on their clients’ needs, wants and expectations. Through continuous training and on hand management coaching, the sales department read, experience and taste first hand about the products they represent.  Whether they cater to the Off Premise or On Premise market, the key is their commitment to assisting their respective clients on the attributes of the wine selection that best fits their operations. Be it a restaurant, a supermarket, a snack bar, the sales team obligations is to best recommend what meets their needs.

On any given day, the promotional group can be found in Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, and local events, permitting the public to experience first hand the product and savour the many flavors of the regions. In cooperation with the Marketing Division all resources are put in place to further market penetration and positioning of all of the brands LICORES MADURO represents.

In house graphic design services are offered to all clients in support of their marketing efforts and LICORES MADURO’s commitment to help sustain their respective sales efforts.


Warehouse Team

The Warehousing Team can be best described as the respiratory in-flow and out-flow of goods and wherein all the different elements of activities in Sales/Customer Service/Purchasing intertwine. The coordination of orders and timely services on a given day is handled by an essential and dedicated group of people that keep the company stepping up to its commitments: The Warehouse Team.



Customer Service

Customer Service is vital to any organization.  For the LICORES MADURO group, this department is the essence to customer satisfaction.This division has been set up to coordinate all orders or requests placed via the Sales Team, the in-house outlet, The Store, Warehousing, or any phone/internet request.Providing the highest level of service and timely resolution to the requests/orders made is at the core of this division.  

Back Office and IT Team

The Back Office and IT Team are the pillars of the organization.  Silent, quietly, these departments faithfully enter, produce, and direct valuable information throughout the company. Integration, reliance and speed