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The warehousing facility at Licores Maduro has become home to many spirits.  Until the product reaches the final consumer, wines are housed under temperature controlled storage facilities. Yes, Licores Maduro has earned the trust to house many of the world’s finest wines.


Located on a 100,000 sq. ft. lot, with 45,000 sq. ft. of office and warehousing facilities, LICORES MADURO is also able to efficiently operate its bonded warehouse and outlet store that services both retail and wholesale consumers.

Great care and attention is dedicated to the transportation, handling and storage of wines upon their arrival.  These are immediately stored in a 35,000 case temperature controlled warehouse.  Free of charge climate control wine cabinets are also offered to clients, thus assuring that these are stored in an optimum environment as the proper safeguarding of these wines is a priority and final customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


LICORES MADURO fleet permits it to effectively service the 900 establishments on the entire island in an efficient and timely manner.  Service is provided 6 days per week.   These well coordinated schedules allow clients needs to be met in a opportune manner, thus decreasing concerns as to whether or not their deliveries will be received on time or without incurring in out of stock situations.

Both the logistics and sales department are backed up with hand-held tablets that facilitate actual recording of sales but also the placing of future sales orders. Licores Maduro management information system is a state of the art beverage distribution software. Each department has direct access to up to date sales information, accounts receivable, delivery routes etc.

The fleet exterior, designed to reflect the imagery and message of some of largest brands in the portfolio, are truly moving billboards that carry their respective messages throughout the island. In each truck or van, one will also find the LICORES MADURO logo representing the service that is behind these well known and established companies.