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Have a Question?

We'll try our best to answer them below. If you have any questions about The Store, events, promotions  or corporate events, please feel free to call us at 737.62.55 / 737.62.66 or email us at thestore@licoresmaduro.com

What are your opening hours?

Monday - Friday       8.00am -12.00pm | 1.30pm -  5.30pm

Saturday                   9.00am -  1.00pm


How many different wines do you stock?

We currently stock over 700 different fine Wines


Do you sell gift cards?

The Store of Licores Maduro gift cards can be issued at any value and are able to be redeemed against Wines, Spirits, and Accessories.



Do you organize events?

We offer personalized events services which includes the use of our tasting area and selection of wines or spirits. Optional catering and Sommelier services are available as well. If you are interested in organizing an event at THE STORE, please call the store for more information or email thestore@licoresmaduro.com.


Are there any wines available to taste at the store?

Our store is currently equipped with a “By the Glass” tasting machine. This allows us to offer a constantly changing range of 16 wines for customers to sample. Check out our winetasting page for more information. 

What is vintage substitution?

Some wines are labeled with the specific year that they were harvested.   Occasionally, a specific vintage may have sold out and is no longer available. In those cases, our staff may recommend a similar available wine.       

Why do some wines come with screwcaps?

Screw cap substitute for what traditionally has been corks to seal off wine bottles.  Both methods, corks and screw are commercially used successfully in the wine industry.

Do you deliver?

At this time, The Store does not offer delivery service. Restaurants, bars and other retailers, please see our Licores Maduro page  for more information. 




Do you provide wine courses?

Yes we do! Wine courses are a great way to broaden your knowledge and experience in a pleasant environment. Visit our event page or our facebook page for announcements of upcoming events.

Can I purchase online?

At this moment the possibility for online shopping is not available. We recommend that you surf our website and look at our extensive wine and spirit collection prior to your visit. This will certainly enable you to focus more on the region(s) of your preference.