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Wine 101: 8 Steps to Ordering Wine in a Romantic Restaurant

Ok gentlemen; make sure you read this article very closely. Even though times have changed and women consider themselves equal and independent, once in a while it is nice to be pampered in the old fashioned way.

Next time you're at a restaurant and the waiter approaches your table and asks “Would you like something to drink?” Before she can give the usual answer ‘ A coke, please”, it will definitely be to your advantage to whisper the three magic words: "Let's have wine."

But before you get to that point you will need to perk up your wine knowledge. Since you have to start somewhere, here are eight steps to finding the right wine and, if you play your cards right, the key to her heart.

  1. Do your homework! Browse our Wine section, where we provide an elaborate introduction to wine. There you can find all the information you need. It doesn't take more than a few minutes to prepare.
  2. So now you are at the restaurant and you've just been seated. When the waiter asks if you are having wine, you should ask to look at the wine list. Do not choose the cheapest wine bottle on the list and not the most expensive either. If she finds out you got her the cheapest, you will not look so good and taking the most expensive will be overkill.
  3. Ok, so how do you order a wine that will go well with her meal? Don’t sweat it, be cool. Just pick the most flexible wines. Ask her if she prefers red or white wine. In case she wants white, just order Riesling, pronounced REEZ-ling. Rieslings are a little bit sweet and extremely light, yet have a crisp, steely quality that allows them go with an amazing variety of dishes. So no matter which dish she orders - pasta, salad, meats, and even vegetarian -- somehow a Riesling will complement it.
  4. In case she orders red wine, you should go with a Pinot Noir, pronounced "PEE-no NWAH". Similar to Rieslings, Pinot Noirs tend to be light yet zesty enough to go with everything from fish to red meats. Just remember that it's up to her - white wine or red, Riesling or Pinot Noir.
  5. If you can’t understand the wine list, please make sure you don’t show the confusion on your face. Stay calm and just ask for help! But do it cool enough so it seems like you are asking a recommendation and not help. Ask for a good German Riesling or American style Pinot Noir. Practice these names so they can roll of your tongue.
  6. Once you have made your decision order a bottle of wine instead of two glasses. Why? Bottles are so much more romantic than glasses! Don't worry about quantity. And if you don’t finish the bottle, do not under any circumstance, ask to take the leftover wine with you. Does the word "tacky" mean anything to you?
  7. So now comes the serving ritual, which is when the waiter shows you the bottle, opens it, and asks you to taste and approve it. When he brings over the bottle, ask the waiter if this is the wine that you ordered. This will make him read the label himself and tell you yes or no, and all you need to do is give him a little nod. Once he has departed, you can go ahead and pour her and yourself a glass of wine. The proper amount is no more than half-way.
  8. At the end of the night, you must remember this: a true gentleman always picks up the check, without expecting anything in return.