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Whisky: Tasting Whisky

Whisky: Tasting Whiskey

Whisky: Tasting Whiskey

There is a significant amount of individuals that are unaware that whiskey can be tasted just as wine can be tasted. But wait, it's more than just taking a shot of whiskey. Follow these steps steps and learn how you can experience a broader world of whiskey.

Your checklist for a successful whiskey tasting should be:

  • A variety of whiskies, so you will be able to detect the differences between the tastes. They all need to be at room temperature.
  • A tulip shaped glass, medium sized
  • Water to cleanse your palate between different types of whiskies. You can use crackers; however there might be a chance that it will influence how you taste the whiskey.
  • And of course friends, cause tasting alone is just not fun.

Ok, let the tasting begin!!

  • The first step will be pouring the different types of whiskey in the tulip shaped glasses. No need to fill up the glass, 1.5 ml will be enough. Place the same amount in front of each participant.
  • Now we hold the glass up to the light to admire the whiskey’s clarity. It should be clear through and through and brilliant to the eye. Spotting cloudiness? Then the whiskey that you have in your hand is not the best quality.
  • Next step is the color. The color can range from light, similar to apple juice, to deep amber. The color of the whiskey determines the flavor intensity. The lighter the color, the lighter the flavor, while the darker whiskies are full-flavored. Darker color is also an indication of a longer aging process.
  • Before you smell the whiskey, add a small amount of room temperature water just to neutralize the impact of the alcohol. This way you will be able to smell more of the character of the whiskey. Nope, don’t smell it yet. Tilt the glass enough so the whiskey reaches the rim of the glass. Slowly turn the glass to coat the inside of the glass. Now stand the glass straight up so the whiskey pools back to the bottom of the glass.
  • Cover the glass with your hand for five seconds. Bring the glass to your face and remove your hand. Put your nose into the glass and smell deeply. Look for aromas from fruit, chocolate, caramel and vanilla. However, there are a range of other aromas that can be detected in whiskey. It all depends on your smelling abilities.
  • Now taste the whiskey. Taste just a sip and let it coat the inside of your mouth. Look for the flavors that you smelled. These flavors may include green apple, chocolate and caramel.

Remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to tasting. Everyone has a different palate and sense of smell. Just focus on which whiskey fits best with you. Once you find that out, stock up and have a party!!