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Vodka: Varieties

There are two basic types of vodka Non-flavored and Flavored vodka.

The earliest non-flavored vodka was a neutral spirit with a strong alcoholic aroma and produced in Russia. Within the category, the vodkas are divided in three subcategories: standard, premium and deluxe vodka. The Russians also implement their own system under which Russian Vodka is categorized as high-quality and export-worthy. Moreover, in Russia, vodka labeled “strong” contains more than 55% alcohol by volume.

In the United States, non-flavored vodka is called classic or regular. Here, vodkas are to be free of distinct taste or aroma. Hence most of the brands in the US taste more or less the same. Vodkas are differentiated on the basis of their price, brand name and alcohol content.

Flavored Vodka
The original purpose of flavored vodka was to deodorize the strong taste of non-flavored vodkas. With time flavors became the essence of vodka brewing and various brands began to showcase their skills and expertise with innovative flavoring.

The traditional vodka flavors are: Limonnaya Vodka, which is lemon flavor. Kubanskaya Vodka is a mix of lemon and orange. If you are looking for a spicy taste you can opt for Pertsovka Vodka, flavored from peppercorns and chili peppers. Other spiced vodkas are Okhotnichya or Hunter Vodka, with flavors ranging from ginger, coffee, cloves, lemon, anise, and other spices. Lastly there is the Starka Vodka, which contains dried fruit, fruit tree leaves, brandy and port. Besides these traditional flavored types of vodka drinks, there are many new introductions of contemporary fruit flavors such as oranges, apples, berries, and more.

The flavors of vodkas can range from delicious to bizarre. So if yoy are looking for something meaty, try the Bacon flavored vodka. In the mood for some seafood? Try Smoked Salmon flavored vodka.