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Tequila: Varieties

This is the traditional tequila that started it all. Clear and transparent, it is bottled immediately after distillation. Blanco is tequila at its most pure and simple state. It is perfect for cocktails such as Margaritas, because it gives simple balance to the drink without the introduced flavors of the wood.

Reposado is the Spanish translation of “rested”, implying that the tequila has been kept (or rested) in wooden casks or vats called “pipones” from two months to as long as a year. The wood gives Reposado a mellowed taste, pleasing bouquet and a pale color.

Añejo is aged Blanco, aged in white casks for a year. After ageing, the tequila gets an amber color and a woody taste from the wood. It is the tequila variety that takes the most care and time. It is therefore the pride of the Tequilero.

Extra Añejo
Extra Añejo or Reserva is aged blanco tequila. However it has been aged at least for three years. This is the rarest aging style and is generally the most expensive.