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Rum: Varieties

White Rum
These types of rums are generally light-bodied, clear and posses a very subtle flavor profile. When aged the rum extracts color from the oak casks. Since it supposed to be white rum and thus colorless, the rum is filtered to remove the color.

Golden Rum
Generally medium bodied, these rums are slightly sweet and can be made in both types of stills. Its golden color normally comes from the wood, but caramel can also be added to give color.

Dark Rum
Anyone looking for a rich flavor in their drink will choose Dark Rum. The dark rums are full-bodied, rich and caramel-dominated. The best quality dark rums are produced in pot stills and are aged over a longer period.

Spiced Rums
Spiced rums can be white, golden or dark. The taste of the regular rum is infused with different spices and fruit flavors. They offer unique flavors to cocktails, rum cakes, holiday libations and many other uses. Spiced rums bring tropical flavors to the palate.

Age-dated Rums (Añejo)
Añejo is the ancient Spanish name for “aged”. Different rums from different vintages are combined to insure a continuity of flavor from year to year. These rums have a rich and mellow taste and aroma.