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Liqueur: Types

Chocolate Liqueurs
These decadent liqueurs have a strong chocolate taste, which make a great dessert drink or it can be easily mixed with creams, coffees, or other cocktails to create a rich dessert beverage.

Coffee Liqueurs
Smooth textured liqueurs add lots of flavors to cocktails. There are two types of coffee flavored liqueur, those that are mixed with vodka and others with rum.

Cream Liqueurs
Cream Liqueurs are delicious and smooth. Often drank alone, but they can also be mixed into many cocktails. They are an emulsion of cream with an alcoholic spirit.

Crème Liqueurs
Not to be confused with cream liqueurs, crème liqueurs have a syrupy texture and a high level of sugar. Unlike cream liqueurs, they don’t include cream in their ingredients. Crème liqueurs are perfect additives for coffees and cocktails.

Fruit Liqueurs
The majority of liqueurs are fruit liqueurs. These are a delicious blend of cognac, vodka and tropical fruits. They are served by themselves, but mostly mixed into cocktails like Martinis and Margaritas.

Flower Liqueurs
A very rare variety of liqueur that is more popular in Europe. It is fermented and distilled from flowers with its main flavor extracted from that particluar flower.

White, clear and light flavored, originating from the northern countries or regions such as Germany or Scandinavia. This assortment is usually distilled from must of apples, pears, plums and cherries. After distillation the drink is bottled with no added sugars. American Schnapps however, do contain added sugars and glycerine, resulting in a smooth syrup-like drink.

Anise Liqueurs
This type of Liqueur is flavored with anise. Some find the taste sweet while others describe it as licorice. They can be dry or very sweet, low or high proof. The varieties of anise-flavored liqueurs are Anisette, Ouzo, and Sambuca.

Herbal Liqueurs
The most unique liqueurs fall into this category. Some find it difficult to describe the exact taste, but herbal liqueurs include flavors of herbs, roots, flowers and citrus peels. Other herbal liqueurs can have a mix of up to 130 different herbs.

Nut Flavored Liqueurs
Nut flavored liqueurs are made with various types of nuts such as macadamia, almond, walnut, peanut and hazelnut. The flavor is so strong that it makes for a unique drink by itself. But it can also add a unique flavor to cocktails and desserts.

Whiskey Liqueurs
This type of liqueur is perfect for individuals who like sweeter drinks with infused flavors. The ingredients are whiskey combined with fruits, nuts, honey, herbs and cream. The sweetness of the raw materials smoothes out the taste of the whiskey and makes it more enjoyable to drink.