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Jenever: Varieties

Fruit Jenevers
Fruit Jenevers are made by extracting flavors and aromas from fruits. For extra sweetness, almonds and peach pits are added to the liquid; however, the process differs from producer to producer. In some cases, real fruit is added to the alcohol.

Young Jenevers
Probably the most popular Jenever variety is young jenever. It is usually drunk on the rocks, as a fresh summer drink or it can be mixed with cola or orange juice. The base of young jenevers is a mix of grain alcohol, molasses and malt wine.

Old Jenevers
The term “old” doesn’t imply a long aging process; however it means the jenever has been produced according to the old method of producing jenever.

Just like young jenever, this variety is made from a mix of grain alcohol, molasses and malt wine. Because it contains 15% malt wine, it gets a light yellow color very similar to pale ale beer. Caramel is added to achieve a sweet taste and darker color.

Grain Jenevers
Grains like rye, wheat and barley are carefully selected and manufactured according to traditional art of distillery to produce grain jenever. In order to create this grain jenever, malt wine is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 5 years. This ripening process has a big influence on the smell, color, and taste. The final product is a heart warming jenever with a subtle hint of juniper berry and fine spices

Cream Jenevers
This is a combination of grain jenever mixed with either chocolate, vanilla cream or coconut cream. Served with ice, it can be an aperitif or a creamy dessert.