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Company Profile

Our History

From humble beginnings in 1910, J.E.MAURICIO slowly emerged into a powerhouse in the distribution and marketing of alcoholic beverage and mineral water industry. Since 1983, Omar van der Dijs, grandson of the initial founder, turned around what was then a fading company, from a 2,000 cases of beer a month into a 40,000 cases operation.  Acquiring LICORES MADURO in 1999, the company became the island’s market leader in spirits, wines, and locally manufactured and imported mineral waters. With a strong philosophy and focus on brand building, the company has formed a deep relationship with internationally known trade names that now form part of the company’s portfolio.

Mission statement


Licores Maduro commits to continually represent the highest quality wine, beer, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages and foods, in its category. We commit to provide superior service to our customers and continue to develop positive relationships with our suppliers while showing respect and value to our employees and community.


To continue growing responsibly and profitably as the number one beverage and food distributor on Curaçao, while being passionately focused on value, selection, exceptional service and sustainability


Customer Service 
We are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers, at all times and under all circumstances.

We are dedicated to distributing and selling only the highest quality products within their category.

We are always exploring innovative and unique ways to bring value to both our suppliers and customers.

We work together to create a work environment that fosters team spirit and harmony amongst all. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and boost the company's growth.

We believe in leadership by example.

We act with honesty, fairness and respect towards each other and our community at all times.

We strive to increase our positive contribution to our community.