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Cocktails Make Over

Cocktails Make Over

Shaking up some old favourites is very natural. We have all cut our favourite pair of jeans into new shorts or transformed your dress into a cute shirt. It’s a way to maintain the comfort you get from these familiar items while getting something new out of them.

The same can be applied to your cocktails, use new ingredients but still keep the cocktail just the way you like it. Here are some ingredients that will help you bring your cocktails to a new era.

Sour it up:
Crushed cucumbers have been used in cocktails for a refreshing effect. For a change you can try juicing other vegetables like cooked beets and celery, which add a savoury note to a drink. You can also use pickles or even pickle juice to add a more sour effect.

Hot ‘n Spicy:
Cocktails are literally getting hotter. Thin strips of jalapeño peppers are muddled and mixed with the other ingredients. But for the drinkers that can take the heat, you can even leave the seeds with the strips. Tabasco can also be another option, but after the heat leaves your mouth you will get a surprisingly fresh kick. For a delicate spice, shake your cocktail with a generous handful of cilantro leaves.

Sweet as Honey:
Every cocktail recipe now seems to call for simple syrup (a mixture of 1 part water and 1 part sugar). But there are other ways to sweeten your drink. Try using honey, maple syrup or agave nectar. The latter works very well with tequila and brown spirits. One spoon of jams and jellies can also add flavour and sweetness to cocktails.

Freshen Up:
Ever since the Mojito came on the scene, mint leaves have become the go to ingredient to freshen up the drink. But it is not the only herb you can use for a cocktail. Why not substitute the mint with basil, sage or rosemary. This small substitution will change the flavour of a cocktail but still keep its original spirit.


  • Muddle one slice of jalapeño in a mixing glass.
  • Add Grey Goose L'Orange, Blood Orange Juice and Triple Sec.
  • Add ice.
  • Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Float one large (or three small) jalapeño slices in the center of the cocktail for garnish.


2 oz
Grey Goose L'orange
Grey Goose L'orange
1 ½ oz
Blood Orange Juice
½ oz
100 Islas Triple Sec
100 Islas Triple Sec