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Wine Grapes: Introduction

Winemaking starts with the most basic decision: What kind of grapes to grow and where to plant them. A wine grape that is matched with the right micro-climate and winemaking techniques will live up to its potential and produce quality wine.

Knowing which wine grapes went into the mash gives you a head start on getting a wine you'll enjoy. There are more than 600 wine grape varieties. Each grape variety has its own unique combination of characteristics including colour, size, skin thickness, acidity, yield and flavour. While there can be differences in the wine made from a single grape variety, the fact that a certain type of grape was used lets you know the basic information about what the winemaker intended to produce.

Though there are so many varieties, only a few are suited for the production of fine wine. We have listed the most suited white whine grapes and red wine grapes in the wine world. It can be a very handy list to avoid any confusion during your next wine purchase!