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Wine It Up

Ready for the holidays

November is here and so are the Christmas carols, decorations and before you know it, you’ll be on the couch making Christmas plans. Let’s not forget Thanksgiving - although it is not widely celebrated here on the island of Curacao – it requires just as much planning for those who celebrate it. Food, beverages, guest list, decorations and the list goes on. We’re here to assist you with the wine.

People have been enjoying Carlo Rossi’s fruit forward red and white wine in a jug for 40 years. Carlo Rossi, the man himself, always believed that good wine does not have to cost a lot. There are many theories as to why Carlo Rossi wine comes in a jug. We believe that it’s the perfect wine to be enjoyed with friends and family. Additionally, the ring makes it easy to carry, pour and share a 4L jug.

Carlo Rossi Burgundy is a full bodied red wine filled with flavors of red berries along with subtle hints of dark chocolate and spice. It pairs wonderfully with pasta, pork and beef.

As for the Carlo Rossi Blush, this crisp refreshing wine has delightful flavors of fresh strawberries and sweet cherries. The perfect wine to pair with your dessert.

Find more of Carlo Rossi’s wines available at your preferred supermarket.

Happy planning!