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19 Crimes - The Living Wine Labels

You’ve probably heard of the wine, seen them at The Store and possibly even enjoyed a bottle (or two). But have you read about the stories of those who are featured on the labels? In case you’re wondering, yes, they are real people whose lives were changed when they were transported to Australia for their crimes.

This new augmented reality app tells the story of signature 19 Crimes Red Blend’s John O’Reilly, who found love after avoiding the hangman’s noose. James Wilson – the dark red blend The Banished, shares his tale of victory after being convicted for treason. 19 Crimes’ first convicted female felon, Jane Castings, illustrated on the label’s first and newly available white wine,  Hard Chardonnay, also shares her story.

To experience the fascinating 19 Crimes, download the Living Wine Labels via the App Store or get it on Google Play. Simply point your phone to the labels and watch as it comes to life.