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Red White and Grill

We all enjoy an all-out BBQ. But as the years go by, the same recipes don’t cut it anymore. Casual chefs and flame fanatics alike are looking for fresh ideas to satisfy their taste buds and impress their guests.

One way to do this is to serve Salmon instead of the traditional Pork Chops, Ribs and Chicken. Salmon is impressive, versatile and easy to prepare. Its meaty texture makes it a fail-safe option for even rookie grillers. Its rich, buttery flavours work equally well with red and white wines. A fruity Chardonnay is a great option or if your guests prefer red, a Pinot Noir will perfectly showcase the smokiness of the grilled salmon. The fruit flavours of wine naturally enhance the smoky flavours of a whole range of grilled foods.

Not everyone is comfortable pairing wine with food. When matching wine with food there is only one rule, the wines you like will inevitably go with the foods you like – and opening a bottle is the perfect complement to the informal feel that goes with grilling.

Here are some more tips to ensure a successful backyard cookout:

  • Get fresh – It is important to use fresh, quality ingredients, especially when your menu includes salmon or any seafood. Fresh fish never smells fishy. Look for fillets that are moist and freshly cut, not flat and browned at the edges. The skin should be silvery and bright.


  • Cool it! – As you may now, white wine is best when served cold. No need to put it in an ice bucket, just chill it in the fridge before your event. It will stay chilled for about an hour, just don’t place it too close to the hot grill.


  • Sip without stress – Don’t feel comfortable bringing your stemware to the backyard? No need to stress, any glass can be a wine glass. From disposable party ware and plastic tumblers to stemmed glassware, serve wine in whichever type of glass will make your guests – and you – feel most comfortable.

Look forward to leftovers – One of the great things about cooking is having leftover treats. Don’t be afraid to save leftover party wine, too, for the next day’s noshing. Nearly 40 percent of wine drinkers don’t realize that you should save those partially-consumed bottles. Just re-cork or twist the cap back on, and your wine will stay fresh for 3-4 days in the refrigerator.