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The World's Most Popular Wine

Franzia Wines

New in our extensive wine collections is FRANZIA. Unusual about this wine is its package and the volume. Boxed wines are back and here to stay.  Unlike those wines we used to drink during our college years, these Franzia varietals are as good as many of the bottles with a corks that we love. Box wines are party-friendly wines and hold more wine than the usual bottle. The vacuum-packed inner bag shrinks as it’s emptied, keeping wine-destroying oxygen out. Consequently the wine lasts for up to six weeks, compared with two to three days for a bottle.

Teresa Franzia planted her first vineyard along the road to Yosemite in 1906. Her family survived Prohibition by selling those grapes to home winemakers back East USA. Once theWorld War II was over Franzia introduced a new generation wine together with a new advertising slogan; Make friends with Franzia,"


The revolutionary "fresh to the last glass" WineTap® made its debut in the late '70s. Because it was more convenient and offered better value than bottles, Franzia became the world's most popular wine and the first WineTap® to freshness date every package.


FRANZIA offers nine delicious wine styles to satisfy all the wine lover in Curacao. All FRANZA flavors come in a 3L box and is available at Licores Maduro and the best supermarkets on the island

Sunset Blush

Delicate pink hue with strawberry flavors; easy to drink and very refreshing. Perfect with lighter foods.


Chillable Red

A light-bodied red that is made to be served chilled. More body and flavor than blush wine, softer than traditional red wines. Pairs well with lighter foods.


Chrispy White

A medium-bodied white wine with floral aromas and fruit flavors. Serve chilled. Enjoy with fresh vegetables and light pasta plates.


White Zinfandel

A crisp and refreshing blush wine with delicate strawberry aromas. Serve chilled. Complements cheeses, salads and simple pasta. Serve chilled.


Cabernet Sauvignon

A satisfying dry red wine with cherry and plum aromas. Complements beef and dark chocolates.



A crisp wine with a clean finish. Semi-dry and medium bodied. Serve chilled. Complements chicken, simple pastas and seafood.



A sweet wine with delicate aromas of juicy peach and flavors of ripe apricot. Serve chilled. Enjoy with spicy foods and Asian cuisine.



A pleasing dry red wine with blackberry and raspberry aromas. Serve at room temperature. Complements pork, grilled meats and sauced pastas.


Fruity Red Sangria

A refreshing red with flavors of citrus fruit and just the right amount of sweetness. Serve chilled over ice. Enjoy with BBQ favorites.