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Wine Country: Australia

Wine is very much a part of the Australian life, closely associated with both business and leisure. Wine consumption is often linked to the country’s outdoor-oriented lifestyle as well as to their cosmopolitan, urban way of life.

The Australian wine industry started in 1788. Initially wines were produced in the coastal region around Sydney. However, it was the period from 1996 to 2007 that saw spectacular growth in exports, following rapidly increasing appreciation of Australian wines overseas.

Over the years Australia has gained an international reputation for producing wine of quality and value. It’s been ranked at the sixth place on the list of wine producing countries. With superb climate and soil type, Australia is one of the few countries able to make every one of the major wine styles. Producing a full range wine styles, from full-bodied reds and deep, fruity whites through to sparkling, dessert and fortified styles.

Wineries in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, in the Hunter River region north of Sydney in New South Wales and in Victoria have been the key for the development of the industry and continue to be important sources of fine wines. However, wine is produced in over 60 regions, reflecting the wide range of climates and soil types that exist across the continent.

Australian wine is made using a generous range of grape varieties. In 2006 and 2007, Shiraz was the most-produced variety, followed by Chardonnay in the Riveraland, Sunraysia and Yarra Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon best planted in the Western Australia’s Margaret River. Premium white varieties other than Chardonnay include Semillon in the Hunter Valley.

Australia has become one the most technologically advanced wine-producing nations, because of the industry’s emphasis on research and development.