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Wine Country: New Zealand

Smaller than its neighbor Australia, New Zealand has managed to hold its own in the wine industry. Currently their wines are making a big impact on the wine scene.

The true wine pioneers were the Yugoslavian immigrants who settled on the northern island of New Zealand. Throughout the years the acres of vines kept growing tallying the total acres of vines to 50.000 acres on both the Southern and Northern Island combined.

New Zealand’s intense style of Sauvignon Blanc has single handedly raised the bar on international levels. The Malborough region located on the South Island, is well established as a top region when it comes to the production of Sauvignon Blanc. It is the combination of good ripening conditions and cool nights that managed to  maintain the acidity in the grapes. Other wine producing regions on the South Island include Nelson, Canterbury, Waipara and Central Orago, where high quality Pinot Noir is produced.