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Wine Country: Spain

Spain has a long history of wine production dating back thousands of years. But it’s in the last decade that Spanish wines have been introduced on the wine scene. With currently more vineyard area than any other country in the world, Spain has three wine producing regions.

The famous Rioja area, located in the Northeast Spain region, is very influenced by France. Red wine production makes up to 80% of the total wine production in Rioja. The red grape varieties are Grenache, Carignan, Graciano and Tempranillo which is the primary red grape of the region. A limited amount of white wines are produced from Macabeo, Grenache and Malvasia. In the past the white wines from Rioja were heavily oaked, but today they are fresher and crisper.

The huge area of La Mancha dominates Central Spain, where light crisp, fruity, aromatic white wines are produced from grape varieties Airen and Tempranillo, thanks to modern equipment and winemaking techniques.

While white wine grapes are dominating in the Central, Sherry calls the Southern Spain its home. Sherry is made from the Palomino and Pedro Ximenez grapes. Along with Port and Madeira, Sherry is considered one of the three great fortified wines.