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The Toolbox

Ever stood at the bar staring in awe how effortlessly and quickly a bartender fixes a drink? It looks like a magic show. Unlike magicians, the tricks of the bartenders are no secrets. With enough practice and with the right tools you will be well on your way to entertain your own audience at home. 

Shaker and Strainer:

To mix drinks like a pro, you will need a shaker and strainer. Put all your ingredients in the stainless steel shaker with ice and shake it!! By outing the ice in the shaker, the drink will cool quicker before serving it.  It is useful to get a shaker with a built in strainer. This way when you are pouring the drink, the strainer will hold back the ice cubes and any other unwanted solid ingredients.


Just like baking, measuring is important when making cocktails. To make accurate measurements, you will need a jigger in your home bar. Most jiggers are of 1.5 ounces.


A muddler is essential for making juicy Mojitos and Caipirinhas. Use it to release the oils from fresh mints or juice from limes. Many muddlers are made from wood, which is the best material, however there are also glass and ceramic muddlers.

Bar Spoon:

A bar spoon is a long handled spoon used for mixing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Its long handle allows you to make big pitchers of a drink. The best length for a spoon is the 11-inch model.