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Old School Cocktails

Ever since the ladies from Sex and the City started drinking Cosmopolitans, Martinis, Flirtinis and any drink that finished with an “ini”, there has been a slowly disappearance of some old school drinks.

Remember the time when a cocktail equaled a tall glass filled with lots of ingredients to make the brightest beverage, filled with sugar and garnished with the largest piece of fruit? Don’t forget the elaborate cocktail name that made it even better. It seems like the loud over the top cocktails are a thing of the past and more sophisticated trendy drinks are the way to go.

One of the contributing factors to this shift is that the generation that used to love the over these over the top cocktails that went with the over the top hairstyles, clothing and make up, has grown up. The transition is also visible in the establishments where people go to enjoy a drink or two. Think about it, a couple of years ago bars were elaborately decorated some were decorated after Tiki Huts and Beach Houses. Now, it has become kind of a norm to have a sleek, often all white, sophisticated interior.

We are not saying that the old school drinks have disappeared completely, you can still find them in some cocktail menus and at beach bars where they still match the easy breezy ambiance. But even then, they will have modern twist to them. So those bright colored drinks that often come with the requisite miniature cocktail umbrella, don’t write them off completely. Enjoy them for example on your vacation when you just need a break from all the sophistication.