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Wine It Up

Lolea Sangria - A delightfully surprising taste

There’s vodka lemonade. There’s beer. And then there’s Lolea Sangria Nº1 and Lolea Sangria Nº2, the perfect addition to a picnic or any celebration.

Many have often wondered “what is so different about Lolea Sangria?”. Well, Lolea is an artisanal sangria made with high quality Chardonnay white wine and Macabeo, fresh lemon and orange juice along with a tender touch of vanilla. But that’s not all. Here are a few more reasons that makes it a drink worth trying:

  • Less alcohol content.
  • It has a perfect combination of fruit and wine that is surrounded by bubbles.
  • The bottle is designed to add a perfect touch of flare.
  • It was created for group celebrations; made with love.

Imagine being at a backyard BBQ party or just hanging out with friends while sipping on Lolea Aangria. Everyone will surely be impressed with such a glamorous drink.

Serve very cold in a stem or tall glass with plenty of ice, accompanied by strawberries, pineapple or citrus fruits. For a delightfully surprising taste, we also recommend to add mint. Cheers!