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Mix, Neat, or on The Rocks

El tindero is calling you!

Bacardi Legacy – known to be one of the most prestigious cocktail competitions in the world, took place in the Philippines a few years ago, where Richie Cruz presented ‘El Tindero’.

So what makes El Tindero so unique? Well it’s a combination of your favorite beer Polar and Bacardi, the world’s most awarded rum.

Here’s all you need to create the impressive El Tindero:

1 1/2oz (45ml) Bacardi Gold (Bacardi Carta Oro)
3/4oz (25ml) Polar beer
3/4oz (25ml) Goya Coconut water
1/4oz (10ml) Muscovado Syrup
1 Barspoon Apple Cider Vinegar
4 dash of Angostura aromatic bitters


Shake with ice and double strain over a large ice cube in a rocks glass with a gold leaf rim.