Maison Louis Saint Véran Les Deux Moulins

We spoke in our first website edition about the winery Maison Louis already. Since Licores Maduro is proud to have this brand in our stock we can not stop talking about their wines. Therefore we want to introduce the Saint Véran Les Deux Moulins to you. It is still not as well known as it should be and this is a shame.

Saint Véran is situated in the very South of the Mâconnais. The Saint-Véran vineyards form a gilded belt around Pouilly-Fuissé. The two are pretty similar in terms of relief and production techniques, even in their actual taste and fragrance. The Chalk soil and the vineyard’s ideal exposure produce top quality fruits. Saint Véran derives its name from the nearby village Saint Vérand a reminder of the former name for the area Saint Véran des Vignes because of the high quality wines produced since the 17th Century.

The Saint Véran “Les Deux Moulins” lend it names from the two watermills at both side of La Petite Grosne River. The rain that falls on the vineyards filters through the calcareous bed rock to help feed the river as it flows away west towards the famous monastic town of Cluny.
After harvest time the grapes are fermented in the stainless steel tanks in order to preserve the freshness of the fruit. A slow cool fermentation allows the wine to maintain its rich and concentrate flavors.

This is a wine with a typical Chardonnay character revealing aromas of fresh almond, peach and pear lively and fruity on the palate with a follow through of mineral overtones, a soft seductive and altogether extremely enjoyable wine. 

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