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Grey Goose Goes Big

Every now and then, there is an occasion that calls for your favorite beverage to come in a larger bottle. Licores Maduro is proud to offer you the Grey Goose Premium Vodka in Magnum+ 1.75ltr sized bottle! This Big size Grey Goose bottle is great to share with your friends in the club, show that you are living the baller lifestyle or just convenient for your next get-together.

The Magnum+ Bottle has the same superb quality you are used to of Grey Goose vodka. Grey Goose vodka has a smoky aroma with hints of mint and grain. The flavor is off dry, has a moderate bite and has notes of wheat and cocoa bean. Whether enjoyed by itself or mixed with fresh ingredients, the smooth, satisfying taste of GREY GOOSE elevates even the simplest ingredients.

Grey Goose Magnum+ is available at the best clubs and bars all over the island. Don’t forget to ask for it!